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How can you use the prompt in the classroom?

The prompt is an opportunity waiting to happen for your students, whether they are new writers or experienced ones. There are many different ways that The Prompt’s site can be a useful tool for students and teachers alike, and the prompt, the lit mag is designed to be friendly towards emerging writers with various skill levels.

Using writing prompts:

The prompt site offers a plethora of writing prompts, as well as a forum for new exercises to be shared. One way to get student s involved in the creative process is to challenge them to write their own exercises or prompts to use. Then, have them share them on the prompt!

the prompt lit mag:

The prompt is a venue to publish work that other literary magazines might shun because they have emerged from prompts and exercises, works that often gain the label “too workshoppy.” That means we are looking for all kinds of work, from traditional genres like poetry and prose to character sketches, scenes, or anything else that emerges from a writing prompt. And, because we are an online-only venue, we encourage multi-media submissions.

Visual Arts and the prompt:

At the prompt, we are always looking for ways to bring multiple mediums together with writing. As a result, many of our writing exercises and prompts are visual or audio, or both. We encourage submissions that utilize multi-media, and accept prompts that are multi-media as well.

the prompt and the Composition or Literature Classroom:

The prompt is not confined. The prompt embraces submissions to the journal, creative cross-overs into the literature or composition classroom are accepted both as exercises, as well as finished products for the magazine. After all, a creative assignment in the lit or comp classroom is just a version of creative non-fiction, right?

the prompt and Pedagogy:

At the prompt, we are also looking for creative ways to use the prompt in the classroom. Currently, we are looking for ways the prompt can be used in the class. We would welcome ideas, assignments, even lesson plans to feature on the the prompt, practical pedagogy page of our site. Submission for pedagogy related ideas should be e-mailed to

The prompt literary magazine is a biannual online magazine that publishes creative work that reflects experimental and traditional work based on writing prompts and exercises.

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