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The prompt literary magazine is a biannual online magazine that publishes creative work that reflects experimental and traditional work based on writing prompts and exercises.

We here at the prompt are not soulless machines. We at the prompt are creative individuals just as you are. As such, our goal is to foster a community of writers, and to provide a place for work that often has no place in a traditional literary magazine because of its form or function. 

As writers and instructors of writing, we have all found ourselves with work that came from workshops, random exercises, and desperate attempts to find our voices.  Some of this is pretty darned good, too.  Unfortunately, anything that looks too much like it came from an exercise, prompt, or other such “mechanical” source gets relegated by editors to that pile with a sticky note on top that says “too workshoppy.” 

And that is why we created the promptThe prompt is the place for all levels of writers to have an opportunity to publish, as well as for a community of writers to find new ways to expand creative writing horizons.

We at the prompt understand the effort you put into what you write, as well as the gumption it takes to send it out into the outside world. That being said, we can't publish everything that shows up in our inbox, but as creative people we understand how to reject submissions in a way that won't make you feel like you wasted your time.

That doesn't mean we can, or would, put too much sugar in the medicine, because as creative people you don't want your ego massaged for no reason, but we also won't offer those 'oh so helpful' little critiques and suggestions on any rejections that make the aspiring writer want to snap all their pencils in half.

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